ballavita is now available on steam!
Amilux Film Ballavita Vienna 2018 VR film by Gerda Leopold, available now on steam

cinematic narrative VR film

romantic fantasy

30 minutes


German / English


360° stereoscopic 6K



Production story

In 2014 we produced the feature film CARROUSEL. The story was a modern adaptation of a Arthur Schnitzler’s play La Ronde. The whole film was shot out of the protagonist’s view. The actors wore a helmet on which 5 GoPro cameras were mounted, which captured the 5 main directions: the front, right, left, back and top. The actors wore the cameras in turns. The 5 films were synchronized and projected in a specially designed projection space, the CINEMA XR. The dimensions of the CINEMA XR are 10m x10m x6,5m and it seates up to 70 people.

In 2016 we decided to create another movie to be screened in CINEMA XR based on the experience we made with CARROUSEL. During pre-production we experienced very convincing VR films and HMD technology also had advanced, so we decided  to shoot BALLAVITA in stereoscopic 360 Virtual Reality. There was also another reason for shooting in VR apart from better world-wide distribution: In (especially stereoscopic) VR the viewer is presented a complete world, the viewer is either part of it or can be a passive observer; the atmosphere is intimate and feels as if the whole world has just been created only for you; all seen through an HMD.

Watching a VR film inside the CINEMA XR is a very different experience all together. The five 10m wide screens bring something new due to its scale alone. The world is right around us and we are not alone, we are part of an audience of 70 people which is a  unique communal experience.       

I adapted my story around VR as a medium, created scenes in confined spaces or vast landscapes. I tried to create a unique experience and t wanted to show that VR has dreamlike quality.

We used a self constructed rig with Black Magic Micro cameras, each camera filmed in 4K. We shot the movie in a green screen studio outside of Vienna (NOISIA) and added the backgrounds in CG. The entire postproduction is also taking place at the NOISIA Studios and is soon to be completed.